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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  July 21, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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hope to see our nominee do and everyone else, which is carry the message to the american people. convince the american people, every candidate needs to do this, that we will defend liberty and be faithful to the constitution. >> some are blaming you and that speech for sewing more division in the gop. is it your fault with that speech? >> discussing we should be standing for freedom and defending the constitution is a message of yunity. as i said last night explicitly. the way to unify the party is not to scream and yell and hurl insults. the way to unify the party is to stand behind shared principles and shared values. i will be watching and listening to the candidates. hillary clinton will not defend freedom and will not be faithful to the constitution. i know that. i will not be voting for hillary clinton. >> what about the boos last night? did you expect that? >> my reason for being there was
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to address millions of republic republicans and millions of americans across this country and lay out a positive vision for how we win. if we want to win, as a party, every candidate from the local elected dogcatcher all the way up the ticket. i believe voters should ask what i said last night. who do you trust to defend freedom and be faithful to the constitution and that's the test that should be applied to every candidate and that's a case i hope to see my party make to the american people. that's how we win. if we don't make that case to the american people, we don't have a path to victory. that's a decision for the voters and i'm watching and listening along with others. >> thank you. i appreciate your time. safe travels back home. thank you. >> a couple key moments there. first of all, the acknowledgment that cruz was speaking not just to the delegates inside that
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convention center last night, but delivering a message to conservatives around the country of cruz seen by many of them as the de facto leader of part of that movement where he ended up in the primaries. also notable he reiterated as he did this morning when we were with him as a delegation breakfast here in cleveland for the texas delegation that he will not be voting for hillary clinton asking instead who do you trust. you heard his response to that question. who does he trust? he's going to be watching and listening to determine to find out. really some fascinating political drama playing out. this morning too with the texas delegation breakfast here in cleveland. >> a chance to ask the other elephant in the room about his own political future? so many have said today that they felt like last night was positioning for him for his own political future. >> the first campaign speech of 2020, if you will. cruz, his team focused on the
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senate reelect in 2018 but cruz clearly when you listen to him, i covered him for the primaries. when you listen to him talk about what's next for him, it's this idea of not shutting the door. neither he nor his wife in public comments they have made since the campaign ended after the indiana primary, has made comments about keeping the door open to a potential run down the road. that would be contingent on donald trump losing come november. so all of it is tied into the broader political picture, but i think most relevant, at least at this moment in time, is what happens tonight in cleveland. donald trump getting up there for the biggest night of his political career to deliver this speech to not just the delegates, but to the rest of the country trying to deliver this message of unity and inclusion and yet all of this unfolding over the last 24 hours playing out against the background that there's still some work to do for trump and for the party.
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>> all right, hallie jackson, out running around for us and catching up with ted cruz at the airport. it's what we love about you. thank you for being on the phone with us. we'll check back with you a little later. we're lucky to have rick tyler with us, he happens to be the former senior communications director for the ted cruz campaign in addition an msnbc political analyst. you have been listening to this. a lot of talk about unity from the senator just then, but folks here when i asked them this morning say, no, that was not unity. that was nothing but a stick in the eye to donald trump. >> well, look, ted cruz wrote a speech, submit ted it, told donald trump he was not going to endorse him. e he told him on the phone he wasn't going to endorse him. so they were happy with the speech. >> there are also reports that donald trump himself asked the senator, please, i would like you to go further in this speech. i would like you to come out
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with the words i endorse you. >> he didn't want to do it. they had a choice. they gave up prime time space or don't. they chose to do that. i don't think we'll see that again. it was pretty historic. in a sense, in the future, people will remember the moment that ted cruz spoke in cleveland more than they will remember the nomination of donald trump. it was pretty significant. >> one of the things about being at a convention. this is my fourth convention. you bump into people. i had a chance this morning to randomly bumped into eric trump and asked him about last night and your former boss. take a listen. >> i think the audience spoke for themselves. it's kind of interesting when your own party boos you. i don't think you know what a crowd is going to do and how they are going to react. >> he also told me that that was in light of a question i asked him. was it on purpose? did they know what they were loading in the teleprompter. did they actually want the crowd
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to go there and want that negative energy against ted cruz. you heard him say you never know what a crowd is going to do. did they know what was going to happen? >> the trump people, did they know the crowd would turn against him? >> i think they believe that ted cruz they would convince him to endorse him. when they didn't happen, they decided to embarrass him. that's not the way this will be remembered. >> how do we move forward tonight? as i walk around here, more people are more excited about tonight and no looking backwards. >> it's an important moment for donald trump. if he can deliver a message where people believe he has a vision for america that he can move the country forward and get away from this and act and look and imagine him to be president, he can break away 37 if he can't it will be remember that one communications disaster after the next. >> isn't that what the crowd
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loves? they don't care it's not organi organized. the people here are getting one experience. what's getting coffer covered on the news is different. we have had today we have been talking about ted cruz. what we're not talking about is the story that would have been. like mike pence and his speech. rudy giuliani's opening speech on opening night. all those stories have been replaced. >> we had a great interview with giuliani. great to have you with us. thanks for being here in the heat with us. let's get over to jacob soboroff with the chair of the texas delegation at the republican convention. jacob? >> reporter: i'm here with the chairman of the texas state delegation. he was originally a ted cruz supporter. he's gotten behind donald trump
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now. i want to get your reaction to cruz's speech last night. he d not endorse donald trump. >> he gave a rousing speech. i think there was a hope and expectation he would endorse donald trump. he didn't. we know that. i think people were disappointed that that didn't happen. but it really comes down to two candidates in this race. we have hillary clinton, who is continuation of obama's failed policies and you have donald trump, who brings fresh and new life into the situation. our delegation is behind donald trump. he's our nominee. i'm the state chairman for texas, as you mentioned. we'll do everything in our power to ensure that trump takes texas and provide thousands of volunteers around this nation from texas on our strike forces to go into these battle ground states and win this thing. the supreme court is hanging in the balance. it really is true. >> you heard it. there were boos last night at the end of the speech because he didn't endorse donald trump. are there members of the
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delegation, yourself are you upset with ted cruz? >> i'm not upset. it's his opinion. >> i'm going to let the pundits decide whether he made a mistake. with respect to what we're doing, we're all in for trump. there's not even in a question. that's the team we're behind. and they are the ones that are going to lead us to victory. >> have you asked a hectic first three days of this convention? a lack of party unity here? >> i don't think that's the case at all. i think this is the convention that are like this. it's always been like this. there's always a lot of energy in the room, as you would expect. basically, you have thousands of type a personalities together at the same time. things are going to happen. it shows a lot of health to our party that there's a lot of energy and support. i'm locking forward to donald trump knocking it out of the park. >> at previous conventions and
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delegates that go for a candidate other than the nominee, there are far more tan in previous years. that's something my colleague tweeted out. >> i have been doing this for 30 years. i have never seen anything like this on so many levels. we never had 17 candidates. never seen a candidate like donald trump who had so much energy, who has a rally and thousands of people come together. there's so much energy. there's a whole segment of our population that feels abandoned. donald trump is bringing them to the polls. that's a good thing. >> should ted cruz, he has time before november, endorse donald trump? >> i'll leave that to ted to decide. the chairman of the texas state delegation. i'm going to throw it back to you down the street. >> thank you so much. very interesting. if you have been watching msnbc, you know how hard kelly o'donnell has been working on the floor. she joins me now. a few hours to go now. all the delegates i have talked with this morning incredibly excited about tonight. not dwelling on last night.
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are you finding the same? >> yes, i think at this point now the kind of adrenaline is pushing people forward. let me show you what's happening right now. we have sort of the team photos going on. different groups that have a direct connection, those who have been working on the convention, delegations getting their photos taken. so there's a lot of activity. i was able to pick up the program for tonight. and the theme is make america one again. that will be the closing note for the republican national convention. we have been talking about ivanka and donald trump so much. there are some others who will be of interest. football fans will remember fran tar ken on to. there are some political figures as well. marsha blackburn, who is a member of congress. governor mary fallon will be
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speaking tonight. there's anticipation. we have been talking about the cruz moment and what it all meant. but right now, people are excited to be here for what will be perhaps one of the most memorable nights to see donald trump receive the nomination and accept it from the republican party, one of the incredible political stories of our time. and a lot of interest in ivanka trump, who is well known in her own right and is a businesswoman and could be an effective sort of ambassador for donald trump to women voters. we know he is really behind when it comes to women voters. a big gap there. there will be pressure on her to be able to provide some insight, a different way of looking at donald trump for some of those voters who might be unsure, undecided. not really satisfied with what they have seen from donald trump. that could be part of what her mission will be in addition to
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simply being a daughter on a night that's very big for her family. you get the sense looking around here there are people getting set for the work they are doing. there are others doing live reports as we are and the photos and the memories because if you don't take the pictures by the end of tonight, it's all over and on to philadelphia. kate? >> those balloons and confetti disappear really quickly. kelly o'donnell, thanks so much. after the break, one-on-one with a trump campaign insider. we'll get his take on the comments made today by trump supporter mayor rudy giuliani. he came out swings against bill clinton earlier. >> over the last 20 years the biggest war on women has been conducted by bill clinton. [ applause ] >> back live from cleveland, right after this. mary buys a little lamb.
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i know the man as a parent. i can share the father he was and also talk about the man he is as a leader and an entrepreneur and a business builder and a visionary. so knowing him from those two very different vantage points, but seeing a similar attributes really transcend both worlds, it gives me a unique perspective in that regard. >> that was ivanka trump giving a preview of her big speech here in cleveland. wean wi ted cruz made more headlines this morning at a breakfast. let's bring in steve cortez, surrogate for the trump campaign. nice to see you again. i want to start with cruz and
12:18 pm
then i'll move on. but he's doubling down. you just heard his interview with hallie jackson. he's definitely not endorsing donald trump. i want to play a quick clip from earlier with the texas delegation. >> i am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father. and that pledge was not a blanket commitment that if you go and slander and attack heidi that i'm going o to come like a puppy dog and say thank you very much for maligning my wife and father. >> very fair question. we had a bruising primary campaign. no doubt about it. i would say i really want to like ted cruz. i identify with him as a son of an immigrant. two of our top three candidates were sons of immigrants.
12:19 pm
but i really believe, number one, he's not a man of his word. he wost promised he would endorse the candidate. this is bad manners. >> but my question was about donald trump, not senator cruz. as trump's rhetoric taken us to this place. his biting attacks. alleging that the guy's father was part of an attempt to kill jkf. did that push us over the edge? >> i will acknowledge that i think mistakes were made in some of donald trump's comments. i still think he's going to make a magnificent president. i think because he's not a polished and experienced politician, there have been small mistakes along the way. and i think from here forward, we're going forward. ted cruz is yesterday's news in my mind. tonight is about trump's speech, which i believe will be the most watched political speech in terms of television audiences in
12:20 pm
history. it's about ivanka and his daughters. we're going forward. he's going to be more disciplined, more careful about his messaging and i think we'll see a more professional candidate. >> more careful about his messaging. >> i promise you that. >> here's what he tweeted earlier today. other than a small group of people who suffered massive and embarrassing losses, the party is very united. great love in the arena. that said, only one former presidential nominee is in attendance. the governor of ohio is here in cleveland and not coming to the convention. you have protests by delegations. it's not just ted cruz. is this party really very united? >> it is. it's becoming united. your points are well taken. the governor of ohio at least had the good manners to not show up. he's not going to show up at the wedding and say, i don't like this couple. that's what cruz did last night. that's just terrible manners. but it's the party getting united, i think so. and it's anecdotal, but talking
12:21 pm
to people in the convention hall and elected officials, regular people, people on the street, yes, we are getting united. the only people who are not jumping on board are establishment politicians. are lifelong washingtonians. they are scared to death and they should be. because donald trump is coming after them. he's coming after crony capitalism. we're going to make america grow again. part of the way we're going to do is that is blow up the washington establishment. >> let me ask you about rudy giuliani because his comments are getting a lot of attention this afternoon. one of the thing he is said about bill clinton's past earlier today. >> bill clinton, our predator president with his wife who enabled him, aided him, covered up for him and headed the bimbo squad. you think i believe that you
12:22 pm
care about the rights of women? when you cover up the sexual predatory actions of your husba husband. you don't care about women. you don't care about feminism. you don't even care about your own dignity. all you care about is power. >> people are noting this is coming from a former mayor who openly carried on an affair with a woman who was not his wife. divorced his second wife at a press conference. i talked to the governor of arkansas and sat right here and said it's time to move on from bill clinton's past. that's a republican saying enough with this. where do you fall on that? >> i tend to agree. i don't think we want to focus too much on bill clinton. it's ancient history somy len y'alls don't even know who monica lewinsky is. that being said, i do think this is important. with hillary clinton, you get all of bill clinton's can sksca
12:23 pm
and none of his charm. so she's the worst possible candidate. we need to focus on her, not bill. but part of her baggage is bill clinton. what i would focus on and what i intend to promote is not so much his sexual assaults, but the scandals. the clinton foundation is a global slush fund. it's a horrific organization that is not about charity. it's about fabacks and ious from some of the worst governments in the world. giuliani made this point. e he said i would put people in prison for 10% of what she did on e-mails and 10% of what they have done with the clinton foundation. this is a cartel. we are going to expose that. that's the bad news. the good news is we have a way forward. the way forward is donald trump
12:24 pm
rksz his growth, unity, security. we're going to hear about all that. >> you're excited about tonight. i can tell. steve cortez, nice to have you with us. let's head back inside the q to chris jansing. you're an ohio native. what's the delegation telling you? >> oh, the drama. there's so much expectation here. and people who support donald trump, that includes the folks in the ohio delegation. they were supporters of john kasich, who as you know is not even here. but they want to see the donald trump who will show the millions of people watching who may be on the fence that he looks and sounds presidential. what does that mean? donald trump has never done what you would call a typical political speech. he often did riffs and diverted. tonight he's going to be on teleprompter. it's a prepared speech. what kind of content will it have? will it be going after hillary
12:25 pm
clinton largely? criticism last night that the speaker is largely after hillary clinton. didn't do positive things. d can he make that case? one of the delegates here first time delegate but a long time republican said to me i think he needs to start with some specifics. this big picture that he does and does it so well. he lays out all the reasons that have made some people nervous about what's going on in america. how specifically is he going to fix it? how much detail? how much specificity is there going to be? is he going to move the need until that way. there's also the donald trump i hear about even from his most arkansas dent supporters who say he crosses the line. he needs to ratchet that back. moving into the general election, he has to be the person who can still make his argument, but make it in a way that makes him look presidential.
12:26 pm
so the stakes are very high. i do think there's a lot of opinion here among the delegates that this is a critical speech, that this is a man who america knows, but not all of america sees as really having presidential timber about him. that's what we're going to look for tonight. that's what the delegates are going to look for. i have to tell you having been in arenas like this many times before, the excitement here is, as it often is for donald trump, off the charts. >> chris jansing inside the q, thank yo so much. senator tim kaine merging as a top vp pick for hillary clinton. he says he's boring. that's what he told chuck todd. but clinton and fans said that's what they like about him. that and that he's never lost an election. but what do a lot of americans look for in a president? someone they can have a beer with. there you go. more on that, coming u. and more on the veepstakes with
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and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. be the you who talks to your dermatologist about stelara®. i would be surprised if it were me because i haven't been vetted. u think it would be irresponsible for her to tap someone they haven't looked at all. >> that was al franken making a joke on skroe j"morning joe." he's not been vetted for vice president. but a number of candidates that have been vet ted let's get to kristen welker covering the clinton campaign. and florida is where it's at. >> that's right, clinton is
12:31 pm
going top can paming on friday and saturday. >> sources say the buzz around tim is growing. he was in virginia holding a roundtable. he was asked about his vice presidential prospects. take a listen. >> i'm a happy senator and i'm not looking for another job. >> he's a long time friend tom vilsack. he's experienced governing in iowa so he'd help with that swing state.
12:32 pm
cory booker is still on the list. booker is an effective advocate. so i think they are trying to drum up a little excite m here. but again, we are anticipating a decision within the coming days. >> kristen welker. and speaking of cory booker, the new jersey senator is still on that list as a possible pick for clinton's vp. during a press conference earlier today, he was asked if he wanted to be clinton's running mate. >> i know the clinton campaign is in the midst of making a decision. there's a lot of qualified people. i am very happy to do whatever i can to support this candidate to win. >> let's ask him ourselves. new jersey senator cory booker is here with us. >> it's great to be here. >> thank you for dropping by. >> what are your travel plans tomorrow.
12:33 pm
>> i'm beginnigoing back to new. i'm going back there tonight. >> i'm not joking. florida is not on the agenda? >> it's not. >> how much contact have you had had with the clinton campaign? have they looked at your tax records? >> what can i do to tep help the campaign and being asked to do things. >> have they vetted you? >> as i said on the clinton, there's a lot of great candidates. people like tim kaine, there's a lot of good choices. >> if they are still floating your name, there's something there. you have had conversations. >> i'm happy to be on this team. regardless of the position i'm playing, we have to win this election. you have heard on the floor of the convention floor itself the kind of stuff being spewed. there's an urgency to denounce
12:34 pm
the visittriol and anger. we have to win this race. >> if i forced you to place a bet. i'm not saying about your own. who would you bet on as a pick? >> i'm betting on secretary clinton that she's going to win. >> i'm trying. >> 24 hours we can talk about this. >> would it be a mistake for her to pick someone not a minority candidate? >> i think that we have a candidate that i really trust. if anybody knows anything about secretary clinton, she's one of the most hard working, attention detail, focused, smart, pragmatic people. whoever she picks is going to be the best person for the job. she doesn't take these things lightly. everything i have seen traveling with her around the country, she knows the gravity and urgency of this moment. and she's not going to make a mistake. >> what about tim kaine? you said in the commercial break you like the guy and know him. what would he bring to the table? >> he's a man of extraordinary
12:35 pm
character. anybody that knows him is such a solid person. someone that i admire and have learned so much from. i am blessed to be his colleague. >> someone in the crowd said to me this is the exciting week. this is the fun week here in cleveland. next week is going to be boring because they know i'm on my way to philadelphia. how do you counter that and get the attention of the american people for a a whole week next week after what we have had here? >> i think this has been more of a spectacle than it has been something that's inspiring and energizing. i think the average american looking at this convention, you can look at the mistakes they have made, a welcome of diversity and some of the things that jump out at me. this has been a very negative, dark, the kind of things the speakers are spewing, the chabt chants they are leading. >> chris christie started some of those chants. >> pointing a direction for america. this is a convention that's pointing in the gutter.
12:36 pm
bringing us and appealing to the baser instincts, fears, anger, hatred. i know our tenor and tone is going to be different. it's going to be elevating and pointing in a direction that we are a great country and we're going to be greater. so divisive, so much ranker. frankly the reason i chose to come here, i was home in new jersey doing things around my state. but came here because the bile and the viciousness, it doesn't reflect who we are as a country and we have to begin to talk about the truth of who we are and not the darkness. >> let me ask you about ohio. a new poll out of this state has trump and clinton tied at 44% each. it also shows 45% of people here in ohio think that clinton should have been indicted over her e e-mail server. that issue is still haunting her. how do you move past that and convince voters it's all okay. >> the democracy lies, i have
12:37 pm
never seen -- i asked my team to print out all the fact checking that's been done. and pages and pages of things that have been declared outright lies that have come out of this convention. when you have the public drown in this darkness and lies and visit eertrio vitriol, let's show the hope of our country and see clinton for the first time that you're going to have 40 million americans watching, let us have our turn to strike the note for america, not the hate, darkness and bile that we have seen skewed during this convention. >> before i let you go, they are telling me that hillary clinton's snapchat is using a picture of you to promote and asking people to follow them. now might be a good time to follow us on snapchat. >> that's because i took over their snapchat. >> should we read into that? >> until you have a social media minded person that enjoys these
12:38 pm
platforms. i'm glad they are energizing a lot of folks who hopefully are not listening to the vile and seeing excitement about the clinton campaign. >> come back and talk with me in philadelphia in your home state. or next door to your home state. >> right across the street. >> i would love to talk to you. >> senator, thank you. great to see you again. cory booker here with us. coming up, unforced errors. we'll dive into the flubs of the republican national convention this week. flubs that many say were entirely avoidable. and they are hard at work morning and night, but every once in awhile our anchors do wind down a little bit. ♪ ♪ staying in rhythm, it's how i try to live,
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tonight is donald trump's moment. even the experts say this convention is like nothing they have ever seen before. my next guest thinks that might be an asset for trump. dan hill, president hill impact. i should disclose how you and i met in the first place. i used to work in local news in new mexico. >> you used to live around a cam are. >> there's a lot of commentary. a lot of the pundits saying this thing is off the rails. there's so many mistakes. they are not following the normal script. donald trump didn't come out and join hands with tim kaine -- i'm sorry, mike pence and raise hands in the air.
12:43 pm
you say what to that? >> i say that's trying to apply olympic wrestling rules to wwe. it just doesn't fit. you can say you're not allowed to hit someone in the back of the head with the chair. but we're playing by a different script. this is entertainment and donald trump. >> i want to play sound from today. this is paul manafort. here it is. >> i think he was not respectful to the invitation by the convention to come and peek. he understood what the responsibilities are of somebody in his position. he didn't meet them. >> were you surprised that ted cruz did not endorse? >> we knew that wasn't coming. again, my father wants all the guys that wanted to be here and wanted to give a platform. he wants to show he's about unity. he was a better man about it. >> take us inside a campaign. this is what you do for a living.
12:44 pm
if you're at a trump campaign and you know he's not going to endorse, then you let him come on any way and speak for over 20 minutes. >> maybe it's their way of saying they are inclusive and they are not going to try to force someone like that to come on board. then also this is just an unconventional approach in every single way. and perhaps it's their way of saying we don't care about the convention. conventions matter for those who struggle. it's an opportunity to get a bump because they want to cut through the noise. trump has never had an issue cutting through the noise. he's always been the story. >> we have pictures of donald trump leaving the q right now. that's the site of the convention tonight. he's been there practicing and taking a lock at the stage and how he's headed back to his hotel. what does he need to do tonight? millions of people around the country tonight. what does he have to do? >> for the pundits, they want to
12:45 pm
see him deliver a structured speech that fits the conventions. >> they are not the voters. >> for voters, i don't think it really matters that much. as long as he doesn't embarrass himself, fall off the stage, do something embarrassing, it's not going to be that big of an issue. >> does he almost have to do things outside the box in order to satisfy the fans out there who think of him as original? >> those of us who are here at the convention really want it to be a big deal. i just don't think he has to do that much. if he were playing golf, he just needs to hit it in the fairway. as long as he doesn't hit a spectator. >> i'm not good at golf, but that doesn't mean a hole in one. dan hill, so good to see you. thank you for being with us. we'll be right back with a look at the protests planned today. i caught up with delegates. here's a woman from wisconsin bound to ted cruz, but now on board with trump 2016.
12:46 pm
>> the convention is not about ted cruz. i don't know why everybody is focusing on ted cruz. >> you have to admit it was a moment last night. it was one of those kind of, whoa. >> we're moving on. >> tonight you definitely move on with trump's big speech. >> we can't wait. so looking forward to it. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads to this. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy.
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12:50 pm
free speech. they have sort of created zones. you're going to see dozens of officers lined up in one area. they have turned the fountain on o. this is new as of yesterday afternoon. so people don't new as of yeste afternoon so people open to the gather in the middle. off far in the distance you will see the bible believers group they called themselves and you will notice that police are surrounding them. in all, if you took away the officers and the kbleed you would probably have just a few dozen protesters. but this public square has been packed on and off all day and yesterday and mostly peaceful. there was the anti-trump march we had that just ended an hour ago or so. instead of 5,000 people we had just a few hundred show up. that's been the case through ought the week that we've add few groups that said they expected thousands of people where only a few hundred showed up. as we've been showing all week,
12:51 pm
the police presence has been overwhelming. and have kept their distance unless they see groups intensely disagree, then they get around them to make sure nothing happened. there have been no arrests today. yesterday, 23. today, no arrests. a little intense at times between groups but peaceful. kate? >> thanks so much. after the break, live from cleveland where we will check in with the congressman from this area. we will talk about ohio and relevance of this state, how critical it may be in the fall. stay with us.
12:52 pm
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12:55 pm
not essentially in your hometown, you represent the suburbs. when we talk about the poll, what do you think ohio voters need to hear tonight to push donald trump over that tie with hoi point? >> well 70% of americans are not happy with the direction our country is going. we continue to hear that. we know the biggest, issue is the economy. second issue is security. hopefully donald trump ties that together. tells ohio and the nation what he wants to do to change that. >> apologies with the audience. we have people with loud speakers behind us and sirens. nothing going on, just a big party here. so governor kasich spoke to the ohio delegation earlier and what did he say and does it concern you that he is not here? that he hasn't taken an active role in this convention? >> one of the things he said is when you stand on principle sometimes you stand alone.
12:56 pm
again, that's governor kasich. he is a good man and has done good things in ohio. hopefully he gets on the team again as we move down the road, i always compare it football analogies just because you want it score the touchdown and be the guy, you really need to throw the blocks that help. i think he will be doing that. we have that race going. >> you also know the governor mike pence of next door, indiana, what do you know about him that tells you how this will play out over the next few months on the campaign trail? what does he bring to the trump ticket? >> mike pence is a good man. i got to know him in 2009 and 2010. he campaigned for me when i first ran. i've gotten to know him as family first, faith second and friendship third. those are key things that i think of when i think about mr. pence. then look at indiana, what he has been able to do over there. talk about economics and job growth. he's done a lot in indiana. he will do that as you know,
12:57 pm
part of that team with donald trump. >> do you worry there is still, i feel like i've been asking every guest this question because last night with ted cruz, we definitely saw a party that's not fully united. do you worry it is still not united enough to elect donald trump? >> well, as i said, we're in training mode. coming out. i always use football analogies. we're in training camp. everybody wants their position. >> shouldn't it be preseason at this point? >> no, no. big game is in november. >> all right. congressman, nice to see you. thanks for being with us. nbc's lester holt just interview id the children of donald trump ahead of their father's acceptance speech. they talked about the campaign, their father's unique style. here is a portion of lester's interview with donald jr. >> you think about what got your father to this point. now a lot of it was being unscripted, off the cuff, saying what he thinks, not filtering.
12:58 pm
now he comes out as nominee of this party. what do we expect? are we getting that donald trump or a more spathat statesman don trump? >> we will always have that donald trump. he talks with the american people, not at them. not like other politicses lecturing people. he is giving them a voice. they hear their own voice that's been so suppressed for so long when he speaks. he will always be donald trump and speak his mind. i think tonight he understands the magnitude of this situation and how big a deal it is and he will be very direct. himself. but there will be more scripted. >> and you can see more of that interview tonight on "nbc nighty news," check your local listings for that. that's going to do it for me from cleveland, ohio this afternoon. i will see you on "nbc nighty news" over the weekend and from philadelphia all next week. road warriors are taking over the show tomorrow at 3:00 p.m.
12:59 pm
eastern time. steve core n steve kornacki is live at msnbc headquarte headquarters. probably quieter. >> quieter and cooler. i'm steve kornacki, as kate said, in new york city. day four of the republican convention. topping our agenda, fall out from this. >> if you love our country, and love your children as much as i know that you do, stand and speak and vote your conscience. vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the constitution. ted cruz digging in today after refusing to endorse donald trump last night.
1:00 pm
the question though, was the trump camp blind-sided by that from ted cruz? or were they laying a trap for him? we are learning more this afternoon about what happened before cruz gave that speech. also on our agenda, the stage is set. the walk-through is now complete. as donald trump awaits his coronation in cleveland. >> i love a media. they are so honest. such honorable people. it's about time i said that. >> that was donald trump doing his walk-through on this stage just a few minutes ago. what will trump's message be when he delivers his acceptance speech tonight and the other big political story of the week. hillary clinton and the veepstakes. >> secretary clinton, do you want to be a running mate? >> i will say now what i say


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